News Letter 201712 4:48 pm

PDF Virsion Letter of Thanks& News of 2017 International Symposium on Brand Agricultural   Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for attending the 2017 Brand Agriculture Development International Symposium and “B&R: New Agenda for Agricultural Cooperation” Anniversary of the World Union of Agricultural Associations. Your participation and support help WUAA to…

News Letter 201707-08 11:20 am

PDF Version:  News Letter 201707   News Letter 201708 WUAA Website is Officially Launched The website of the World Union of Agricultural Association is officially launched at: The website covers the information about alliance members, international news, national exhibition activities, policy information dissemination, etc. The Union website wishes to serve…

 News Letter 201705 10:49 am

PDF Version: News Letter 201705 The First Teleconference of WUAA On April 24, 2017, the World Union of Agricultural Associations held its first teleconference, focusing on the recent work of the various sponsors of the Union, the major projects of this year and the second and third quarters of the work…

News Letter 201704 10:47 am

PDF Version:  News Letter 201704 WUAA Framework and Future Development: • The Regular Meeting System of WUAA • The Revise of WUAA Constitution • The Fund of WUAA • The Filing Work of WUAA • The Trade Platform of WUAA • The Website of WUAA • Articles Sharing of WUAA

Inner Mongolia Delegation Investigated Japanese Modern Agriculture 6:55 pm

In May 2017, CGAPA, together with Japan-China 100 People Committee of Communication, organized an Inner Mongolia delegation to Japan. The delegation is composed of Office of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises in Inner Mongolia. The delegation investigated the concept and development trend of Japanese modern…

The 28th Malaysia International Packaging and Labelling, Food Processing Machinery and Equipment Exhibition. 5:37 pm

Aug. 14th 2017 Malaysia hosted the Malaysian SME Forum on July 28, 2017, with the theme of “Innovation and Creativity, Building New Business Opportunities”. Dr. Liu Youfa, Secretary General of the WUAA, attended the forum at head of a team and gave a speech entitled ” Impact of Maritime Silk…

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