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The World Union of Agricultural Associations (WUAA) is a global non-profit and nongovernmental organization, focusing on the development and cooperation of the agricultural associations around the world. The mandate of the WUAA is to become one of the most representative, effective and leading international organization which aims at the development of multilateral trade in the field of agriculture and promotion of international cooperation worldwide through policy advocacy, information dissemination, events, trainings, publication, international trade platform, network linkages, etc.

The WUAA endeavors to construct an open, inclusive and win-win for all alliance of agricultural industry associations on a global scale which dedicates to the promotion of exchange and cooperation among member associations, building a platform of connectivity in the areas of information, technology, service and trade of agro-products. The WUAA is to promote agricultural brands of the member countries at the world market, elevate the influence and status of high quality brand agro-products; coordinate the communication and promotion of the advanced agro-technology, experience and development mode, elevate agro-product circulation efficiency and level of food quality safety, promote the establishment of a smooth agro-products passageway of imports and exports, and deepen communication and collaboration in global multilateral trade.

Furthermore, the WUAA is to emerge as a powerful international NGO with representatives
from different parts of the world that include permanent trade platforms, senior industrial
cconsultant agencies, etc.


The Agricultural Industry Association is the guidance and service provider for the industry development
and international market. The association plays an important role in many aspects including stabilizing
production and sale, safeguarding market supply, guiding production scalization, intensification,
standardization, promoting food safety, facilitating social stability. It contributes to industry development,
corporate brand building, market expansion, etc. It focuses its core efforts to the construction of
multilateral trade channel that is more open and more inclusive, in line with the common interest of the
agricultural industry of the member countries and at par with the common aspiration. The word Union
of Agricultural Association has the mandate to chooses trade cooperation and common development
as the central theme, aiming at aggregating agricultural industries of all countries and global industry
associations to jointly construct a platform of information dissemination, scientific and technological
exchanges, import and export cooperation, and localization service against the backdrop of global
trade. The Association is also to assist members, via regular exchange mechanism, to more effectively
undestand the market of other members, overcome trade barriers, conduct multilateral trade in an
exploratory manner, and facilitate conditions for its members to better integrate into the international
cooperation and benefit from it.



The WUAA is to become a foremost world cooperative and cohesive community of agricultural
associations that is to serve as a platform for cooperation and convergence of interests, and is
dedicated to the promotion of industry development and global trade.

The WUAA is herewith set the objectives,in order for the growth and promotion of agricultural
organizations as follows:


Articulate the concerns and interests of the member associations and those the relevant institutions
and organizations at various global and regional fora .

  • Articulate the concerns
  • Articulate the interests

subject study

Carry out research and studies on topical issues relevant to agricultural industry.

  • price index
  • high production


Develop relationship and cooperation among or between agricultural associations in both developed
and developing countries by encouraging enterprise-to-enterprise cooperation.

  • import and export
  • technology


Enlarge collaboration with international organizations in different fields of research, technology,
financing, branding and marketing.

  • trade and investment
  • marketing


Disseminatie information on and about international developments in branding agricultural sector.

  • information sharing
  • Wider dissemination


Become a synergistic network for agricultural associations, national governments, ministries, financial
institutes, industrial promotion agencies, international organization, etc.

Become a strategic resource center for member associations facilitating networking, business
meetings, financial assistance, technology transfer, international trade, knowledge assistance, skill and
entrepreneurship development, consultancy, etc.

Assess and facilitate international networking and trade opportunities for members of agricultural

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