WUAA Framework and Future Development

The Regular Meeting System of WUAA

Starting from April, there would be teleconference once a month. Every sponsor country should send a representative to attend the teleconference. Due to multiple time zones involved, we made a time conversion table:

According to the time conversion table, the feasible meeting time can be seen at the yellow part temporarily, at Greenwich Mean Time 6:00-8:00. We will send you an invitation letter ten days before the meeting, and ask for your feedback.

The Revise of WUAA Constitution

WUAA is working hard on explore and complete its constitution and framework since its establishment. We are looking forward to every sponsor’s opinions and suggestions. WUAA will adjust and supplement constitution and framework after fully discuss these suggestions.

Fund of WUAA

The fund of WUAA is used to daily operation and management, membership service, activities management, and project operation. At present, the secretariat is working hard for a part of fund by expanding number of sponsor, and apply for national project subsidies. We are expecting for every sponsor’s advice about it.

WUAA as an international organization, has been reported to the Ministry of Civil Affairs for the record. CGAPA is in charge of the related process.

Trade Platform of WUAA

Shanghai, China.
Shanghai “The Belt and Road (B&R)” Agricultural Brand Expo Park: an agricultural industry based platform of China and countries along the B&R; an agricultural technology research and development platform; a permanency trade platform; an investment cooperation platform.

Fully integration of business flow, information flow, fund flow, and logistics resources involved in Cross-border agricultural products supply chain.
It is an international agricultural product import and export trade facilitation service platform.

The Website of WUAA

CGAPA, as secretariat, is working hard to establish website of WUAA. This website is going to be a platform of information exchange. WUAA is planning to open upload port to every sponsor country in order to update their news, policy, technology, product information and requirements. The website will be initially complete in 1 to 2 months.

Articles Sharing of WUAA

We hope every sponsor country could share industrial report and expert opinion through WUAA website regularly. The first article would be written by Liu Youfa, the Executive Secretary of WUAA. He will analyze Chinese “the Belt and Road Initiative”and international agricultural cooperation.

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