The Cooperation Project Between China and Malaysia

In July 2017, there would be the 28th Malaysia International Packaging and Labelling, Food Processing Machinery and Equipment Exhibition. It is the biggest food processing machinery and equipment exhibition. CGAPA and Malaysia Promos International Business Society will hold a forum about agricultural technology at the same time.

Malaysia is rich in tropical fruits, but the fresh time of them are short. At present, they are looking for technical cooperation for fruit processing, especially on fruit drying technology.

A Chinese enterprise is considering provide fruit drying processing equipment and asking for compensation trade. Details are under consultation.



Has a large demand of Chinese frigid zone fruit (such as apple, pear, etc.) They hope to hold a tasting at harvest time. Malaysia organizes shopping channels, CGAPA organizes brand enterprises to join the tasting and to promote business cooperation. The next step is further communication about fruit varieties, time and place.

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